International trading company since early nineties focused on sourcing Crude Oil and Petroleum products

What we do

Sourcing, Trading, Storage, Logistics and Transport Solutions
oil sourcing

Sourcing of Product

  • Maintain and develop strong links with Major Oil Producers and Refiners
  • Deep understanding of the Market
  • Able to source: Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A1, Crude Oil, Bitumen and Coal



  • Stag-Energy engages in both term contracts with regional and global companies, as well as spot purchases which form an important part of our modus operandi
  • Complimentary to our trading experience is the trusted relationships that we have with major international and regional banks

oil storage


  • Stag Energy via its subsidiaries imports and stores refined products in West Africa


Logistics and transport solutions

  • Chartering vessel for the transportation of Crude Oil and Refined Product
  • Supply of bitumen in bags and emulsions in Drums for road construction projects throughout the African continent

Stag values


Commitments (Integrity, Performance and Excellence)

  • Integrity: trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers and our suppliers
  • Performance and excellence: we value high quality performance and aim for excellence in all our transactions

Quality and value of services

  • We bring value through quality of our services and our competitively priced products


Sourcing, storage, logistics and transport solutions
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